Why We Built VIBBIDI

Fundamental desire

We believe that within humanity lies the fundamental desire to beautifully set aside and preserve life's precious moments, to relive beautiful memories whenever one desires and to share ones memories with someone special — regardless of whether it be in the present or future. The form in which we preserve memories may change — from words, to pictures, and then to videos — but the fundamental desire remains the same.

Insurmountable problem

Smartphones have played a large role in satisfying our desire to preserve memories. Through the photographic functions with which smartphones come equipped and the diffusion of many amazing applications, it has become easy to capture life's many beautiful moments as photographs. However, for many, creating beautiful videos still presents an insurmountable challenge.

We believe that the reason for this is because it can be extremely difficult to create an aesthetically pleasing video. Video editing services are plentiful throughout the world, however, they tend to be difficult to master for general users. People find complex processes overwhelming and wearisome. Naturally, the result is that the average person lacks the ability to create good videos — leaving many of life's beautiful moments to vanish into obscurity.

Our Solution

As a solution to this difficult problem, we created VIBBIDI. We searched for ways to eliminate all the difficult processes involved in creating videos while providing simple tools that anyone can use. We then found a way to combine these simple tools with the ability to make user's videos beautiful.

Incredibly simple. Incredibly beautiful.

We hope that VIBBIDI comes to share all of life's beautiful moments with you.